Junos DCD commit check failed

There are likely going to be other reasons why you may get an error upon committing a config such as:

CommitError(edit_path: DCD commit check failed, bad_element: None, message: error: DCD commit check process dumped core error: configuration check-out failed)
dcd[16947]: ../../../../../../src/junos/sbin/dcd/infra/db-param/param_access.c:dcd_param_set_iff_ptr_value:2248: insist ‘len <= iff_obj_maxlen[param_ix]’ failed but here's one that I encountered and found a fix for.

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ERSPAN is a great way to remotely troubleshoot a wired connection remotely. Even before the work-from-home era, I dreaded having to head out to a location, setup a mirror port, and connect a laptop to grab a few packets. The process of getting to the location often took longer than solving the actual issue…

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